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      "I know it must be wrong," pursued Cathie, innocently, "if it makes you cry, Mr. Arling.""Well," said the doctor, coldly, "bring me the most signal example of heroism, disinterestedness, charity,what you like,that you can find; and I will point out to you a plain germ of selfishness at the bottom of it."

      She had left the Mercury now, after a fewa very few words of commendation, yet spoken so cordially and discriminately as to be worth volumes of ordinary praise to Astra; and she was looking gravely into the upturned eyes of the Cherub. Glancing from, it to its creator, she said, with a faint smile;

      "I want to talk about your wedding," she said, as soon as they were out of hearing. "When are you and Allegra going to be married?" 'HARRY.'"

      "Prove it, Allegra," he cried, clasping her waist again before she was aware. "Put me to any test or any trialimpose any duty upon me. Only tell me that if I come through the ordeal you will be my wife.""I am in a hurryI long for those sweet fetters by which your love will hold me. I want to be anchored by my happiness."

      Doctor Remy saw the impression that he had made, and proceeded:"Wherefore, if you hear, or have heard, the Major express any intention of making a new will, I need not suggest the propriety of your giving me immediate warning." The form of the sentence was that of an assertion, but the tone was interrogative.

      "He can't be rich," she thought, "but he must have a comfortable income. I know his mother had money. And Allegra can earn a good deal by her painting. She wouldn't be an expensive wife. We ought all to do our best to bring it about. A girl has so few chances in such a place as Trelasco. She might almost as well be in a convent."

      "I don't know; but, for my own part, when I am happy I am never dull."


      "It never hurt mine," answered Major Bergan, rather surlily, as if he suspected a covert insinuation in the doctor's words."Eh?" said Mrs. Lyte, wonderingly.


      She looked at him thoughtfully."I think I understand you," said Bergan, after a pause, during which he had been trying to reconcile these curious and half conflicting statements with some underlying principles, and finding it, at last, in his own heart, rather than in the doctor's words;"a physician's professional and abstract duty are never at variance, while a lawyer must often be puzzled to decide if he is justified in using his legal skill to save a criminal from merited punishment."