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      "Good-by, Annabel," he said, pressing her hand again. "I'll write to you first thing when I git back."

      Si and Shorty sprang back toward their heads to guide them over the narrow crossing. But the mules seemed to take the right course by instinct, and landed the wagon safely on the other side, without a particle of water entering the bed. Everybody cheered, and Si and Shorty looked as if their minds had been relieved of a terrible load.


      "We don't want to hear nothin' about your mules. We'll look in the wagon ourselves."


      "'I think Bad Ax, Wisconsin, must be the nicest plais in the world, bekaze u live there. I woodent want to live anywhair else, and Ime cummin up thar just as soon as the war is over to settle. I think of u every our in the day, and'


      The dripping clouds cleared away as the 200th Ind. drew out into the muddy road, and let the sun suddenly beam forth in full Midsummer power. In an instant everybody was reeking with perspiration, panting for breath, and scorching inwardly and outwardly.Ive discovered that Captain Parks has a hand in this somehow, Larry determined, as he saw the mariners eyes shift. Larry followed the swift, instantly changed direction of the seamans glance.